About us

You might wonder ...

Why ProBeautify?

 In 2011, inspired by the convenience and comfort a shower mirror could afford. ProBeautify delved into the very essence of having a mirror in the shower and decided to go Fogless. We decided to make a fogless shower mirror that can be affixed with little or no effort with the suction technology. This makes us stand tall in the industry.

 Our desire was to create a shower mirror that could allow you perform your routine grooming even right there in the shower. you would get to learn how to best use this product, the technology we put into it, and all other incredible features it has.. So you will Love the fogless experience everyday.

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If I can be of service, do not hesitate to contact me personally. I personally reply to all emails and I love to hear from our customers.


Pepe Rony
Founder: ProBeautify.com